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At Warm Springs Road and Eastern Avenue, we love our neighborhood. In our community, we take a grass roots approach to finding out what people need and want. We partner with our neighbors to provide Bible Clubs at a local elementary school; we sponsor major neighborhood block parties. We exist to serve our neighbors-- by meeting their immediate needs and sharing God's love with them. 



We love Las Vegas. And in a city nicknamed "Sin City," we believe that God's grace can meet every need. To serve our city, we partner with other organizations that provide after-school tutoring for kids; provide food and shelter for homeless teens; provide women's medical services at no cost; and rebuild lives after drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and other life-controlling problems.


World Missions

We love the World! When we see needy people we are compelled to respond— even when that response takes us across the world. We prioritize work where our people can be involved in sharing the good news of Jesus around the world. We know that extreme poverty cripples in tangible ways, like food scarcity, unemployment, and preventable diseases. Yet, its intangible effects— depression, despair, fear, illiteracy and a loss of self-worth, purpose, and hope— are just as challenging. Our world missions projects seek to bring God’s light to these dark places. 


We partner with Missions of Hope in the Mathare Valley urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya,  and rural communities throughout Kenya to transform children, families, and communities. We join them in seeking to restore and replicate hope, purpose, and joy, one household at a time. On the other side of Africa, in Equatorial Guinea, we partner with the Basek people to help them win their communities for Christ and to have the Bible translated in their native language. We have committed to helping them teach literacy skills so that the Basek people can read the Basek Bible. 

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